Hey, ShaoDow, I'm a big fan of yours and have always thought you're a really cute guy! :) My question's kind of silly! I was wondering are you ticklish and, if so, in what spots? Lots of love jo xx

ShaoDow responded on 01/20/2012

Hello Jo, thank you for your question, I actually really like it because it's so different to what people normally ask me.

I'm a weird one, I can stop myself being ticklish if I want to, so if someone is try to tickle me it will only work if I want to be tickled.

If I am in the mood I guess I'm ticklish in the same places as normal people I.e under the arms.

Thanks very much for your question and a bigger thank you for being a fan of my music. Please stay in contact and check out my shows section just in case I have a performance in your area.

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